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The Mask Never Lies

The Masked Body

Workshops to address forms of contemporary invisibility

To tie in with the exhibition The Mask Never Lies, we propose a program of workshops to explore the relationship between the body and technology in order to reflect on forms of contemporary invisibility.

If, as Remedios Zafra says, the contemporary subject is made up of flesh and pixels, what forms of opacity or anonymity are possible today? In a context of saturation of permanent images, surveillance and exposure, what concealment strategies do we develop and why? How are the body and private space presented on digital platforms? In collaboration with the Críptica collective and dance company laSADCUM, we’ll be carrying out a program of workshops about different ways of disappearing or overexposing ourselves: from the new digital scenarios of TikTok or Instagram, bots and VPNs, to the tactics of makeup and transvestism.

This activity is part of The Mask Never Lies

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