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Our Time

Our time

Xcèntric Archive



On the occasion of the CCCB's debate Our time, we suggest some films that tackle, dialogue or open new ways of thinking about the concept of time from the most experimental cinematographic language. 

Dos en la vereda (1995), Lisandro Alonso. 4 min.

Jeanne Dielman (1975), Chantal Akerman. 193 min (minutes 0-10, 10 min.)

Pièce Touchée (1989), Martin Arnold. 15 min.

De l’origine du XXIè siècle (2000), Anne-Marie Miéville y Jean-Luc Godard. 16 min.

31/75 Asyl (1975), Kurt Kren. 5 min.

Tishe! (2002), Victor Kossakovsky. 80 min (minutes 0-10, 10 min.)

Entuziazm, 1930, Dziga Vertov. 65 min (minutes 44-65, 21 min.)

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