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Caption of "Safety Last!" by Harold Lloyd and Wesley Stout. Public Domain.

The conferences will start at 6.30 p.m.

The Barcelona Debate

Our Time

The Barcelona Debate 2016

Who decides about time? Have we lost control of our temporality? Who sets the paces, durations, intervals and periods of our lives? The experience of time in our over-accelerated urban society is notable for the impression that the clock really is ticking faster than ever. In days which seem too short, we do not have time to squeeze in all the demands and needs arising from the various spheres of our lives: time for work, free time, time with the family, time for ourselves, time for sleeping, time to waste. And the technologies that were supposed to free time seem to have shrunk it even more. How is it possible that time has become such a rare commodity? Can we still regain control over our time?

With this cycle, the CCCB joins the Initiative for Time Reform, with the extra touch of beginning all the lectures in the programme half an hour before the usual starting time.

This activity is part of The Barcelona Debate

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