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Cultural Innovation International Prize

Opening of “The Newton Machine”

Featuring Reconstrained Design Group with musical performance by Nico Roig

Music +


Presentation of The Newton Machine, the winning project of the 2nd Cultural Innovation International Prize, by its authors, with a musical performance by Nico Roig. 

The Newton Machine is a battery that enables the storage of energy through the use of the force of gravity and, at the same time, it is a catalyst that provokes relations between people and things. It is not a universal and standard solution, but it is based on each occasion, on the materials, the environmental resources and the abilities of the communities that it reaches. With the Newton Machine, the artists of the Reconstrained Design Group want to make visible the energy that is hidden behind the sockets in order to make it ours, with regard to sustainable consumption and production alike.

The first time that the Newton Machine was put to the test, it produced enough energy to feed a record player with music by Johnny Cash, and since then in the rest of the applications it has had, music has consistently become a reason for meeting and celebration. For this reason, at the opening at the CCCB we want to remember this first musical step, hand in hand with Nico Roig.

19.00 | Presentation in English by Reconstrained Design Group
19.30 | Musical performance by Nico Roig

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