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Nico Roig


Guitarist, singer, composer and lyricist. Since his first disc, Tonada del genoma humà (2011), he has found a more personal expression in songs, using different formats and a variety of collaborators in order to explore. He has released the albums Les dones macabres (2013), Vol. 71 (2016) and the latest, Yo siempre sueño que sí (2020). He has a long career as a professional musician at home and abroad, and, as a guitarist, he has collaborated with artists as varied as Refree, Za!, Seward, Maria Coma, Pau Vallvé, Kiko Veneno, Enric Montefusco, Maria Rodés and Marina Rossell. He has also composed music for theatre shows (in collaboration with the company Agrupación Señor Serrano),  as well as the music and soundtrack for Mars. The Red Mirror, an exhibition at the CCCB (February 2021).

Update: 20 August 2021


Has participated in

Marçalianes. “I take the road that has led me to you”

Celebration of the creative legacy of Maria-Mercè Marçal

Opening of “The Newton Machine”

Featuring Reconstrained Design Group with musical performance by Nico Roig

Maria Rodés and Nico Roig. Moderator: Jordi Nopca. Stage direction: Marc Caellas

The Stomach of the Writers (3). Do you wolf down music or are you a word gourmet?