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NOW. Abril 2006

Meetings in the Present Continuous

The CCCB presents the first meeting of NOW, a working platform to reflect on the PRESENT, which will take place this coming Friday 21 April and Saturday 22 April in its main hall.
Roy Ascott. Josep Giribet. Stephan Harding. Dae Young Kim. Llluís Reales. Artur Serra. Paul Toyne.


In its edition year, NOW activates two of the themes on which it focuses its attention: the Eco Factor, in which we look at the causes and consequences of climate change and ways of combating the energy crisis, and Cybersphere, where we will debate the new possibilities promised by second-generation Internet and the future of telematic art.

NOW also explores format and proposes the NOW spaces: installations, a reading point, lectures, sound archives and a performance in the Pati de les Dones courtyard on Saturday night, closing this year's meeting.

This first manifestation of NOW will close with the performance Ritual imaginaire by the company Nzi Dada, combining Bantu culture and contemporary action.



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