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Enlightened Seminars

Learning to Learn

Enlightened seminars with Marina Garcés


In the first edition of the Enlightened Seminars, the philosopher Marina Garcés reflects on learning with the composer Joan Magrané, the playwright Joan Yago, and the visual artist Lúa Coderch.

What is the purpose of learning? What knowledge and practices should we continue to pass on, and what should we re-envision so they will serve us in explaining and experiencing our reality? Learning forces us to open up and let the world and others cross through us; it makes us the custodians of a legacy that has accumulated over time, while giving us the opportunity to imagine other ways of doing and being. This process requires us to fire up the full power of our imaginations, in an effort that often involves breaking down and shaking up the knowledge that has been passed down to us in order to create something new.

Drawing on the reflections from her book Escola d'aprenents (School of Learners, Galaxia Gutenberg, 2020), Marina Garcés will hold a conversation in three different sessions with Joan Magrané, Joan Yago, Lúa Coderch and the audience about learning as a life experience, and about the tools given to us by the arts to broaden our imaginations. Moving between different disciplines, we will look at which practices can contribute to generating emancipatory knowledge that can help us make sense of our existence and truly enrich our lives.

20 January. Session with Joan Magrané

3 February. Session with Joan Yago

10 February. Session with Lúa Coderch

Graphic report of the sessions by Tinta Fina.

Participants: Marina Garcés, Joan Magrané, Joan Yago, Lúa Coderch

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