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Ignasi Casanova and Jordi Llorca

Are we Martians?

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Did you know that the Martian meteorites that have been identified on Earth contained water? How do we know they’re from Mars? How did they get here? Scientists Ignasi Casanova and Jordi Llorca analyse certainties and assumptions about the parallels between the origin of life on Earth and on Mars.

Studies about the geology of Mars reveal that the geological characteristics of the red planet are the same as the Earth’s. Both planets are made up of the same materials, they have had atmospheres of carbon dioxide and active volcanoes, and share a particularly significant element: both have or have had liquid water.

If life on Earth comes from water, might we think that some of that water came from Mars? If so, could we claim to have Martian origins?

In this session, together with scientists Ignasi Casanova and Jordi Llorca, we’ll be analysing certainties and assumptions about the parallels between the origin of life on these two planets in the solar system. And we’ll be doing it based on the study of their geology and meteorites, witnesses to the enigma of the solar system.

Participants: Ignasi Casanova, Jordi Llorca

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