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Encounters among species

Game of Kin

A game to speculate on the future of life on Earth

Courses and workshops

Game of Kin is a game in which adults imagine possible worlds of tomorrow and question ourselves as a species, while researching what it means to be connected to a living planet and its many life forms. Based on a scenario in which the Earth has been annihilated, the aim of the game is to come up with ideas about the relationships that are established between the surviving species.

We live in the age of the Anthropocene, a new stage in the history of humankind in which we are the species with the main geological force on the planet, an agent capable of altering the course of all of nature. We are largely responsible for the present environmental crisis, which may be explained by our dissociation from the natural environment. Scientists, philosophers, historians, writers and artists try to describe the point at which we find ourselves and what the future holds for us, but no expert can be sure what scenarios await humans and other living beings. Game of Kin is a game that makes the most of this uncertainty to imagine the worlds of tomorrow, and their settings and protagonists.

The game starts with an initial scenario of the collapse of life on Earth, where the surviving species will have to generate relationships—of mutation, hybridization, mutualism, commensalism or parasitism—and complex stories of coevolution to adapt to extreme environmental conditions and survive. The possible narratives sparked by each game are endless and depend entirely on the discussions, negotiations and agreements reached by the players, making Game of Kin an open, collective narrative that is constantly changing.

We invite you to come and play with us, to speculate on other futures that allow us to build a common present!

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