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Science Friction

Encounters among species

Co-creation Workshops

Four collective creative-learning experiences to explore the interdependent relationships between different life forms. Together with artists and researchers from a variety of disciplines, we will imagine ways to co-exist with species we do not particularly like, by approaching the microorganisms in the laboratory, testing their symbiosis with other living things and reflecting on what is imaginary and the continuity of life and death.

Human and non-human microorganisms, plants, fungi and animals represent different strategies for survival and biological attachments. In other words, they reflect different “terrestrial ways of being in life”. But all of these organisms share environments and ecosystems and form part of the continuum of life, an interdependent and interconnected fabric woven together by all living things.

In agreement with the concept of the fundamental continuity of life, Encounters Among Species proposes a series of co-creative workshops where disciplines, insights and knowledge cross and hybridise. Each workshop will explore, from different perspectives, the interdependent connections that take place between the distinct life forms and the frictions generated by these configurations.


This activity is part of Science Friction

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