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Furiasia 2021

Asian Diasporas Performing Arts Festival

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This is the first edition of Furiasia Festival, a celebration of the creativity of young artists of Asian descent. An evening of theatre, music, poetry and dance that brings together at the CCCB some of the most interesting voices of the Asian diasporas.

Actress Sònia Masuda, poet Paloma Chen, dancer Junyi Sun, and playwright and audiovisual producer Berjer Capati are some of the artists who will be taking part in the first edition of Furiasia, a festival that aims to give a voice to Asian-descendant youth. The festival is a space for dialogue between different artists and disciplines, and a celebration of their creativity. But most of all it’s an opportunity to hear the voice of a collective that is working to build its own, place-specific narratives.

With this initiative, Catàrsia Association aims to visibilize and highlight the creations of Asian diaspora artists who challenge and question racial hierarchy, the neo-colonial system, gender categories, the references of the art world, and the construction of a social and historical imaginary of what is understood by “oriental”.



18:00 – Welcome

18:05 – The silence of the beast by Sònia Masuda with Paolo Ramiro (guitar)

18:25 – Am I Bruce Lee? scenic teaser by Junyi Sun

18:35 – Tagó (Hidden): Filipinos in Barcelona by Berjer B.Capati

18:55 – Mini dj set: asian sounds by Hanakito

19:15 – Poetry jam by: Kim Hernandez, Paloma Chen, Maitz Catimo, Mary G. Hernandez, Karessa Malaya Ramos and Cris Zhang 

19:50 – Voguing by Chichi Yang & Tiana (music by Putochinomaricón)

20:00 – Karaoke cover by Catàrsia

Catàrsia Association, an artistic and political collective of Asian descendants in Catalonia, is organizing the first edition of the Furiasia Festival in collaboration with the CCCB, to mark its third anniversary and the celebration of the Raval festivities in Barcelona.

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