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Chenta Tsai (Putochinomaricón)

Chenta Tsai Tseng (Taiwan, 1991), aka Putochinomaricón, is an East Asian queer artist who uses pop music as a means to protest about the socio-political reality and everydayness of the present moment by means of the absurd, using humour and irony. Putochinomaricón likes the post-Internet and assembling still-lifes in front of his bathroom mirror. He doesn’t like the social, moral and critical precariousness of today’s society. His mother says he’s a Vitamix of PCmusic, Charli XCX, Ecce hommo and Jawbreaker.


Update: 2 July 2021


Has participated in

Furiasia 2021

Asian Diasporas Performing Arts Festival

Memefest 2019

A celebration of digital folklore and humour on the Internet