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Lucas Ramada Prieto

Researcher specialising in children’s and young people’s digital fiction

Lucas Ramada Prieto (Cantabria, 1985) holds an International PhD in language and literature teaching from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and specialises in children’s and young people’s digital fiction and their relationship with literary education. In addition to research, a task that he performs as a member of the UAB’s GRETEL group, a large part of his working activity is devoted to training teachers and reading mediators. He is also the author of @EstoNoVaDeLibros, the first Instagram channel in Spanish on the dissemination of digital literature and videogames for children.


Update: 26 November 2019


Ideas to resist

Víctor Recort, Berta Gómez Santo Tomás, Albert Lloreta, João França, Joana Moll, Tania Adam, Lucas Ramada Prieto, Toni Navarro, Míriam Hatibi

Has participated in

Digital fiction at the libraries

Children's digital fiction laboratory


A (Video)Game Room for All Ages

Kosmopolis 2019

10th Amplified Literature Fest