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Improper Sessions

Cultures of Consent

With Shaina Joy Machlus, Laura Macaya and Teresa M. Stout

Courses and workshops

How might we enjoy safer spaces for leisure? We reflect on tensions between norms and freedoms, reviewing The Improper’s guidelines for care, with a DJ set by softchaos.

Psychiatric institutions, extreme sexualities, activisms seeking to avoid reproducing oppressions—the urge to create safe spaces arises from many different places and has spread out, reaching some mainstream nightlife environments. However, is there any setting that is free from power dynamics and their abusive circumstances? How might we prevent aggression and centre on community wellbeing without falling into punitivism? Afro-American feminism and anti-colonial struggles have called for restorative justice and the abolition of the carceral system. What would this paradigm shift involve? How might we educate for consent and reparation in a context where violence is normalised?

Moderators: Ibai Gorriti

Participants: Shaina Joy Machlus, Laura Macaya, Teresa Stout

This activity is part of Sade, Improper Sessions

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