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Laura Macaya

Macaya is a social educator and anti-punitivist feminist activist, specialised in direct action against gender-based violence, as well as the design of public policy with an intersectional feminist perspective. She was the editor of the publication Alianzas rebeldes. Un feminismo más allá de la identidad (with Cristina Garaizabal and Clara Serra, Bellaterra, 2021), and has published Putas e insumisas. Violencias femeninas y aberraciones de género: reflexiones en torno a las violencias generizadas (with Irene Sánchez, Lorena Martín and Neus Olivé, Virus, 2017), and Esposas nefastas y otras aberraciones. El dispositivo jurídico como red de construcción de feminidad (Diletants, 2014). She was the director of Sirga, which provides options for the reception, recovery and empowerment of people who have been subject to sexist violence, and is the author of the “No callem” [We will not be silent] protocol against sexual harassment and aggressions occurring in spaces dedicated to private nightlife in Barcelona. She is a member of Genera, an association for the defence of women’s sexual rights and freedoms, and of Projecte X, a libertarian feminist collective for sexual and gender dissidence.

Update: 25 April 2023

Has participated in

Cultures of Consent

With Shaina Joy Machlus, Laura Macaya and Teresa M. Stout