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The Words We Don’t Yet Have

Conversation with Siri Hustvedt


In this session, Siri Hustvedt, novelist, essayist and poet, will speak with the lecturer in French Literature Joana Masó on the occasion of the publication of her last book Memories of the Future (published in Spanish and Catalan by Seix Barral and Edicions 62 respectively


Some writers produce literary fiction not only as a space for imagining possible worlds but also as a way of intervening in the shaping of collective memory and among the voices that have spoken of it. Siri Hustvedt has written that memory is fragile and that, “Sometimes memory is a knife” for all of us women who want to make felt in history other bodies and other stories. For example, in her last book, Memories of the Future (in Catalan, Records del futur, Edicions 62 and, in Spanish, Recuerdos del futuro, Seix Barral), she tells the story of the dispute over the artist behind Fountain, the famous urinal “by” Marcel Duchamp which, as we now know, conceals another avant-garde experience, that of the artist, poet, and Dadaist performer Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven.

Participants: Siri Hustvedt, Joana Masó

This activity is part of FEMINISMS!, The Words We Don’t Yet Have

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