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"Brain(s)" Wikimarathon

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Want to help spread knowledge in Catalan about the brain? Wikipedia and the CCCB are organizing a challenge worthy of the most developed brains that are eager to reveal everything we know and what fascinates us about the brain, its anatomy and everything that comes with it: consciousness, abstract thinking, language, imagination, dreams and memory. 

The human brain is the most complex object we know and the one that generates most questions, scientifically and philosophically. Art, science and philosophy have all studied and represented this fascinating organ throughout history.

At the CCCB, in collaboration with Wikipedia, we want to make the most of the context of the exhibition Brain(s) to  write as many articles as possible in Catalan to help us better understand how our brain works, and tell the story of the fascination and curiosity we have always had for this vital organ that defines us as individuals and connects us with our physical and social environment. We also want to explore other minds, apart from the human, and the complexities of the brains of other organisms and animals that are not so different to ours.

You’ll find all the information and conditions of this challenge on the Viquiprojecte CCCB/Cervells page.


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