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Science Friction

About Always, Always

A performance installation for reflecting on the relationship with objects


The exhibition “Science Friction” reassesses our connection with other species, but what is our relationship with those everyday objects and materials that we consider to be inert, or lifeless? The nyamnyam collective, Carme Torrent and Blanca Callén present a performance installation in which they explore the interdependence between subjects (humans) and objects (non-humans).

In About Always, Always the CCCB’s hall becomes one huge tapestry onto which videos, texts and sound are projected and combined with reused objects taken from old exhibitions and material recovered from the CCCB’s storerooms.

The nyamnyam collective, Carme Torrent and Blanca Callén present a performance installation to reassess our relationship and interdependence with objects. What if the distinction between subjects and objects were mere fiction, a way to justify the hierarchy of humans over non-humans? How can we relate in more horizontal ways with objects considered to be inert?

About Always, Always is also an exercise in investigation and experimentation that seeks to explore and momentarily inhabit these questions so as to open up possible timeframes, rhythms, scales, spaces, relationships and mutual effects with the objects that cohabit the stage and with those that make up our most immediate ecosystems. If we try to achieve symmetry between our own positions and those of these objects, and if we are affected on the same level with/from/against the material that makes up our respective bodies, perhaps we can perceive and trace out the continuities that have always existed between us.

Participants: nyamnyam, Carme Torrent, Blanca Callén

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