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Science Friction

About Always, Always

Performance by nyamnyam, Carme Torrent i Blanca Callén


An exploration in the process of continuity between non-humans beings and ourselves


What ethical and political horizons open the awareness of our interdependence with non-human beings, even those considered inert or lifeless? How can we transform and compensate, in our daily lives, centuries of hierarchies between subjects and objects and between the domination and silencing of non-humans? How can we co-exist and live the “between” of these dualisms?

The nyamnyam collective, together with Carme Torrent present Siempre, siempre (Always, Always), a practice in research and experimentation that tries to momentarily explore and live these questions to look at possible temporalities, rhythms, scales, spaces, relationships and mutual feelings with the objects that co-habit the stage and with those that make up our most immediate ecosystem. If we try to keep our position and that of these objects in symmetry and let them affect us on the same level with/from/against/between the material that makes up our respective bodies, perhaps we can follow the trail and perceive the continuities that have always existed among us.


Participants: nyamnyam, Carme Torrent, Blanca Callén

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