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Amors on FIRE!! 2023

Selection of Barcelona's LGBTI film festival, FIRE!!

10 — 12 February //

Artificial Intelligence: Half Wanting, Half Fearing

Carlos A. Scolari

How will new AI-based tools change the way we think and perceive the world?

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China of the Present, the World of the Future

Javier Borràs, Irene Masdeu Torruella, Xavier Ortells and Maialen Marín

The journalist Javier Borràs and the researchers Irene Masdeu and Xavier Ortells speak about China’s evolution in recent years, its present, and the future we share with it.

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The CCCB’s archive of experimental film. A meeting point for the viewing and interpretation of essential films, with over 1,000 titles from prominent creators.

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