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Espai B

An Artistic Space for Encounters and Experimentation



Espai B invites us to experiment, read, play and pursue the ideas present in the exhibition Suburbia. What is our intimate relationship with houses? Are there other ways of inhabiting the world? Two artistic installations, a rest area and a small library make up the space, located in the exhibition lobby, admission free of charge.

"Houses" is a participatory installation by Xesca Salvà in which visitors sit down together at a table to listen to stories and collectively build a house. The work invites us to play and to explore our intimate relationship with houses, as well as giving a voice to people from many different collectives, such as women in the process of being evicted, older women, adolescents, refugee women and homeless people.

The space also has a small library: a selection of illustrated books for all ages linked to the exhibition. Comics, short stories, graphic novels and photography address the way we inhabit the world: models of home, city and urbanism, ways of life, and socialization and environmental sustainability.

Finally, Espai B houses the installation "The Map Is Not the Territory", which creatively plots the Raval neighbourhood, presenting a relief map that can be seen from many physical and imaginary viewpoints. This collective work by first year baccalaureate students at the Massana is the product of collaboration between this school and the CCCB in the framework of the project "Apadrina el teu equipament".

This activity is part of Suburbia, CCCB Summer

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