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Hello Dankness + The Instability of Clouds

Double session



A double bill opens the first session of the summer screening series in the framework of the exhibition «Suburbia. Building the American Dream», inviting us to explore some of the most complex and fascinating interpretations that cinema has offered about the American Dream.

Hello Dankness
Soda Jerk (Australia, 2022, 70’, Original version with Catalan subtitles)

A harsh and inclement chronicle of the progressive dive into the unreality of American politics after Donald Trump decided to run for president. An unhinged collage where over three hundred pirated fragments from different films and random audio clips of all kinds create a dystopian view of suburban America heading towards the Apocalypse.

This film is not suitable for minors under 16


The Instability of Clouds
Zazie Ray-Trapido (United States, 2024, 15’, Original version with Catalan subtitles) 

In a quiet cul-de-sac, where life involves taking care of the pool, watering plants, baking cakes and making jam, a traumatic event could occur that would end with the arrival of the police. Nevertheless, in this almost dreamlike and unreal environment, the most authentic friendship between two housewives could also develop.  

This film is not suitable for minors under 12

Participants: Soda Jerk, Zazie Ray-Trapido

This activity is part of Suburbia, Suburbialand, CCCB Summer

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