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Non-guided tour for "Suburbia" exhibition

An opportunity to visit the exhibition at your leisure.

Suburbia. The construction of the American dream proposes a journey through the history of the American suburbs and the creation of its archetypal image: this endless expanse of owner-occupied houses, each with its own garage and, surrounded by lawns, the ultimate expression of the "dream American”, which even today continues to expand through all the urban areas of the United States and the rest of the world.

Countless artistic manifestations, from films, series, photographs, paintings or novels, have contributed to the creation of this universal archetype which, on the other hand, hides a multitude of problems such as those of environmental unsustainability - it is about 'a model based on continuous journeys by car - or the lack of sociability and isolation.

The exhibition ends with a section that analyzes how this American model came to our home and how it has influenced our landscape and our idea of the city.

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Guided tour for "Suburbia" exhibition

The guided visit aims to establish a conversation to connect the people who attend the visit with the reflection intended by the artistic pieces and objects present in the room.