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Samira Benini Allaouat

"Geo-Llum" is the winning project of the S+T+ARTS Repairing the Present residence hosted by the CCCB, Sónar and the UPC to find solutions to the challenge “How can we integrate microorganisms to design more sustainable cities?”.

Artist  Samira Benini Allaouat reimagines the role of public lighting in urban spaces with a symbiotic relationship between the artificial and the natural world, focusing on a deeper understanding of the fundamental importance of nature as collaborator in the city.

The final work consists in a light sculpture that can facilitate different tasks in order to create an autonomous and hybrid performative artwork.The structure expect to be built with recycled elements, partially 3D printed with biomaterials and powered by a bioelectro battery cell with the help of the Geobacters, a bacteria that produces electricity while decontaminating the soil. Here the essential points of interest: Public lighting, rain water collection, bioremediation and free energy/electricity production.

Lines of work

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