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Institut d'Humanitats

Institut d'Humanitats. Course 16/17

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Flexo 4/6: Recognition: A Seminar by À. Lorena Fuster

From Hegel’s The Phenomenology of Spirit to Françoise Collin’s Praxi de la diferència sexual (Praxis of Sexual Difference)

The City (and Its Circumstances)

Seminar by Lluís Duch

Memory, Responsibility and Transmission

A philosophy Seminar by Fina Birulés

Dissidents and Persecuted in the Middle Ages: Jews, Muslims, Heretics and Witches

With Manuel Forcano, Dolors Bramon, Sergi Grau and Pau Castell

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Flexo 3/6: Translation: A Seminar by Adrià Pujol

From “Father Christmas Executed” by Claude Lévi-Strauss to A Void by Georges Perec

Workshop of cinematographic critic

Theory and practical

Dramaturgies. Stories incarnated

Course directed by Carles Batlle, in collaboration with the Institut del Teatre

I've Seen That Movie Too. Strategies to survive the cinematic world

Aula Xcèntric 2016

Conquering paradise. Dreams, visions and rebellions

Art history course, directed by Joan Sureda

Cervantes and Shakespeare

A Comparative Reading

Flexo 1/6: Value. Seminar by Joana Masó

Shared readings: from “Counterfeit Money” by Charles Baudelaire to Virginia Woolf’s Three Guineas

Knowing, Doing, Understanding #1

Open seminar directed by Marina Garcés

Ambition or Happiness

Philosophy course with Francisco Bengoechea

The Great Civilizations of Europe, 5. The Enlightenment

Course directed by Jordi Llovet

The city of the future: utopias and dystopias

Seminar with Daniele Porretta

What is music?

What is music?

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