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Institut d'Humanitats

Institut d'Humanitats. Course 15/16

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Tourism in Barcelona: the City as Stage

Lecture by Xavier Albertí

The sound space: poetics and politics of spatial listening

Africas. Notes on a continent still unknown


Contemporary feminism and activism

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Laboratories of fiction

Literature, art and philosophy in images

Writing and survival

Jean Améry, Imre Kertész, Jorge Semprún, Varlam Schalámov, Herta Müller, Max Aub

A revolution with no model. Feminism and transformation

Lecture by Fina Birulés

Thinking with your tongue and your palate

Indisciplines of the aesthetics of taste

The art of the novel. The 20th-century European and American novel, 3.

Course directed by Jordi Llovet

(Re)filmed Self Portrait. Workshop by Oriol Sánchez

Aula Xcèntric 2015

Revolution 2/6. Mercè Ibarz

Flexo, Shared Readings

The Art of Vision. Filmmakers Research Images

Aula Xcèntric 2015

The Library. Imaginary and History of an Idea

English Romanticism

Literature Seminar by Andreu Jaume

Revolution 1/6. Eloy Fernández Porta

Flexo, Shared Readings

An Endless Collection. In Praise of the Library

Lecture by Jordi Puntí