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Institut d'Humanitats. Course 15/16

Nuccio Ordine

In defence of the useless

Is there such a thing as useful and useless knowledge? Does it make sense to wonder what philosophy is good for? How has the logic of profit saturated into the experience of knowledge? At a time when the teaching of philosophy, ethics and music have been almost completely wiped out of the syllabus and when traditional sites of education are going through radical and oftentimes contradictory changes, the philosopher and lecturer in literature Nuccio Ordine makes his claim for the importance of humanistic knowledge.

The act of looking

Ana Uslenghi

Ana Uslenghi, former student of the Film Criticism Workshop in 2015, explains in this article what the film criticism is for her, and also analyses the latest film by Hou Hsiao-Hsien, The assassin.

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Flexo. Revolution 2/6

Mercè Ibarz reads "El eco de los pasos" by Joan Garcia Oliver

Flexo is a programme of shared readings. Each course we invite six thinkers from different areas will to read with us six works they consider crucial to reflect about a common idea. This year, "Revolution".