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The Barcelona Debate

From My Window

The Barcelona Debate 2019

Taking the window as a metaphor for each person’s singular gaze onto the world, this Barcelona Debate 2019 is an invitation to think about the limits and continuities between what is inside and what is outside, taking as a starting point the particular window opened up by each of the speakers in the cycle.

The window, this dark or luminous opening, delimits the frame of our gaze. It is a spyhole moulding and conditioning the way we observe the world and, accordingly, how we live in it. It is a crack through which unknown and unexpected things can creep. It is an opening that reveals the alterities and fears confined behind the walls we have built. Each window is at once continuity and frontier, the limit of our world and, at the same time, what joins us with others.

In Barcelona Debate 2019, researchers, essayists and activists will take this metaphor as a starting point for sharing their gaze on such crucial present-day issues as the rise of populism and the role of protest in western democracies, the crisis of borders, the gender revolution, the progressive digitalisation of the world, and the secrets of the human brain.


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Susan Stryker

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Susan Stryker, activist and historian of the struggles for the rights of the LGBTI collective, explores the concept of “transgender”, not as an identity but, rather, to understand it as a lens that reveals self and world in new ways. 

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Enric Casasses

They’re Knocking at the Window

Enric Casasses ponders the possibilities held out by poetry for looking at reality in a particular way. Casasses, poet, rhapsode, playwright, and translator, has cultivated the word in every possible domain. With such a multifaceted creator, words cease to be merely an instrument of communication ...

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