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Lecture by Mara Dierssen

The Brain and Limits of Reality


Nothing escapes from the brain because it is the part of us where everything we feel, think, remember and dream takes place. This complexity thus characterising it means that it is the organ which hides the most mysteries. It is then difficult to say whether it is a window par excellence or the absolute opposite: a self-sufficient, sealed-off space. In any case, the links between the brain and reality are fundamental and they give rise to many questions. To what extent does the milieu shape or modify the structure of the brain? And, on the contrary, how does perception of the world change in accordance with what the brain is like? Although the human mind has some general principles of functioning that are identical in every individual, each brain is unique and offers a singular view of the world.

Presenters: David Bueno i Torrens

Participants: Mara Dierssen

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The Brain and Limits of Reality

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