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The thinking machine

Ramon Llull and the ars combinatoria


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In the intellectual context of the late 13th century, created by Arab, Jewish and Christian philosophers and scientists, the figure of Ramon Llull occupied a prime position. Llull was a prolific writer and untiring traveller who invented a new form of universal knowledge, the ars combinatoria, which can be seen as a precedent of new information technologies.

Combining historical documentation and the more recent approaches of artists who have been inspired by his work, the catalogue explores some surprising and little known aspects of his thinking, and analyses Llull’s body of work and, most of all, his legacy from a contemporary viewpoint.

Authors: Amador Vega Esquerra, Siegfried Zielinski, Miquel Bassols, Fernando Domínguez Reboiras, Charles Lohr, Barbara Maria Stafford

Publication year: 2016

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm.

Images in B/W and colour: 130

978-84-9803-744-9 (català)
978-84-9803-743-2 (castellano)
978-84-9803-745-6 (english)

CCCB and Direcció de Comunicació de la Diputació de Barcelona

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