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Terrorismo y guerra justa

Michael Walzer

Dixit — n. 03

" + Me veo como un judío comunitario y como un americano liberal" (Entrevista de Daniel Gamper Sachse)"

"Terrorists not only devalue the individuals they kill but also the group to which these individuals belong. They demonstrate the political intention of destroying, displacing or radically subordinating these people as individuals and this “people” as a collective. The message they convey is aimed at the group: we don’t want you here. We don’t accept you and we’re not going to make peace with you. We won’t admit you as citizens or partners in any political project. You are not candidates for equality or even for coexistence.”

Authors: Michael Walzer

Publication year: 2008

Pages: 72

Dimensions: 11 × 20 cm.

978-84-96859-19-7 (castellano)


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