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Needs, consumption and sustainability

7th Urban Seminar

Digital — n. 04

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This digital publication brings together the presentations made in the Urban Seminar 'Needs, consumption and sustainability' that addressed the issue of environmental sustainability from the viewpoint of mass consumption in 'overdeveloped' industrial societies. 'Despite the progress and the dissemination of knowledge as to the dangers that the present-day production and transport model represents to the continuity of human life or, at least, of civilised human life, human beings continue with their habits and technologies as though nothing were wrong. Environmental awareness is of course advancing, affecting in particular certain more enlightened and well-to-do sectors of the more wasteful countries. And in some regions of the Third World movements are being organised to defend the natural environment by peasants and other poor workers who are vitally dependent on ecosystems that the greed of some is placing in danger of serious degradation.'

Coordinated by Joaquim Sempere

16-18 October 2002
Organised by the CCCB and BAKEAZ (Centre for documentation and peace studies)

Authors: Joaquim Sempere, Oscar Carpintero, Ernest Garcia, Luis Enrique Alonso, Albert Recio

Publication year: 2002


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