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Desaparecidos / Disappeared

Víctimas del olvido / Forgotten victims


Spanish , English 45€ Buy

Gervasio Sánchez, winner of the 2009 National Photography Prize, documents the disappearance of the victims of conflicts and wars in countries around the world, with the aim of salvaging and perpetuating their memory.

Authors: Gervasio Sánchez, Jon Lee Anderson, Sandra Balsells

Publication year: 2011

Pages: 248 vol. I / 144 vol. II

Dimensions: 24 × 33 cm.

Images in B/W: 220 vol. I / 350 vol. II

978-84-9801-536-2 (castellano / english)
vol. I: 978-84-9801-541-6 (inclou DVD)
vol. II: 978-84-9801-542-3

Editorial Blume

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