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Sandra Balsells


With a degree in Journalism and postgraduate studies in Photojournalism at the London College of Printing, her work as a photojournalist has mainly been in the Balkans where, for more than ten years, she documented the dismembering of former Yugoslavia for several Spanish and international media outlets. In 2016 she received the Ortega y Gasset Prize for her work. She has also produced numerous reports from Israel, Palestine, Mexico, Romania, Canada, Cuba, Mozambique, Haiti, and Italy (Sicily). Her experience covering wars has led to her work being shown in some fifty solo and collective exhibitions, and her photographs are now part of several public and private collections. She is author of the photographic study Balkan in memoriam (Blume, 2002), and co-author of the book Montreal Metropole vue par 30 grands reporters (Aux Yeux du Monde, 2000). She has also curated such exhibitions as “Latidos de un mundo convulso” (Throbbings of a Convulsive World, Lunwerg-Caja Madrid, 2007) and “Desaparecidos” (Disappeared, CCCB, La Casa encendida, and MUSAC, 2011). Since 1995, she has been combining her work as a photojournalist with teaching Photography at the Ramon Llull University.

Update: 29 October 2021



Has participated in

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