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Constel·lació gràfica / Constelación gráfica / Graphic constellation


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The catalog presents the diversity of the creative universes of the young illustrators and comedians Bàrbara Alca, Marta Cartu, Genie Espinosa, Ana Galvañ, Nadia Hafid, Conxita Herrero, María Medem, Miriampersand and Roberta Vázquez.

In their work, and from the use of different languages, aesthetic registers or cultural references, as well as through the use of color, graphics or stylistic and narrative experimentation, the nine creators have put into question the canonical forms of the comic. They often treat, with a critical eye and humor, issues of millennial reality such as economic and labor insecurity, the disappearance of stability, the relationship with technology, sorority or relationships on the Internet, etc.


Authors: Montserrat Terrones, Eudald Espluga, Andrea Galaxina, Gerardo Vilches, Marc Charles Palau, Mery Cuesta, Marta Pérez

Publication year: 2023

Pages: 216

Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm.

Images in B/W and colour: 150

978-84-09-47177-5 (català, castellano, english)
Distribució - Machado Libros


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