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Eudald Espluga

(Girona, 1990) With a degree in Philosophy and a master’s degree in Communication and Cultural Studies from the University of Girona, he has worked with such media outlets as El País, El Salto, PlayGround, Vice, and  RAC1. He has published the essays No seas tú mismo (Paidós, 2021), Rebeldes. Una historia ilustrada del poder de la gente ('Rebels: An Illustrated History of People Power', Lumen, 2021), and Las pasiones ponderadas ('The Pondered Passions', Capitán Swing, 2015), and he has also contributed to the jointly authored book Humanitats en acció ('Humanities in Action'), edited by Marina Garcés in collaboration with Institut d'Humanitats de Barcelona (Raig Verd, 2019).

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