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El Noucentisme

Un projecte de modernitat / Un proyecto de modernidad


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Noucentisme and its own unique manifestations in Catalonia during the period spanning 1906 to 1936: building the ideal city, the city as a cultural hub, building the capital, the relationship between intellectuals and politicians as the architects of the new ideal, the demands of the classicistic aesthetic movements in accordance with the aesthetic concerns in Europe of the time, civility, reassessing Mediterraneanism and popular and classical tradition, etc.

Authors: Mercè Vidal, Jaume Vallcorba, Manuel de Torres Capell, Joan Tarrús, Alícia Suàrez, Vinyet Panyella, Miquel Molins, Lubar, Robert S., Mercè Doñate, Narcís Comadira, Norbert Bilbeny, Francesc Fontbona, Josep M. Ainaud de Lasarte, Manuel Ribas Piera, Martí Peran

Publication year: 1994

Pages: 484

Dimensions: 21 × 30 cm.

Images in B/W and colour: 550

978-84-393-3158-2 (català / castellano, Generalitat de Catalunya: 2004)
978-84-7739-924-7 (català / castellano, Enciclopèdia Catalana: 2004)


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