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The South African mirror


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The book takes as its departure point a historical review of racism and moves on to the system of social, political, economic, cultural and territorial apartheid in force in South Africa between 1948 and 1994. But it also seeks to look beyond in an attempt to understand a present-day situation that is tending to reproduce old mechanisms of inequality and exclusion, even as it creates new ones.

The aim of this catalogue is to speak not of Africans but of Europeans, of the ideologies and racial clichés fuelled by Western modernity, and of how these prejudices still constitute a means of justifying and maintaining the most arbitrary instances of inequality.

Authors: Maurits Van Bever Donker, Ciraj Rassool, Les Back, Patrick Bond, Ash Amin, Edgar Pieterse, Josep Subirós (see Pep Subirós), George M. Fredrickson

Publication year: 2007

Pages: 208

Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm.

Images in B/W and colour: 200

978-84-9803-233-8 (català)
978-84-96954-02-1 (castellano)
978-84-96954-03-8 (english)

CCCB, Actar Editorial, Direcció de Comunicació de la Diputació de Barcelona

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