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Silvia Zayas

Artist working at the limits of the performing arts, cinema, and expanded choreography.

Silvia Zayas has spent years researching ways to transfer film language to different performance devices, while also working with several modes of perception and attention. The result is audiovisual pieces that assault their audiences through phantoms, holes and exclusions, impossible instruments, underwater experiences, explosions, the childlike element and the fiction of memory, strange imaginings of traces that were once historical, and everything we have not yet been able to come to know.

She sees the artistic fact as a process of shared, long-term investigation, as expressed in Jumping Scales (2017-2018), the activities concurrently occurring with the production of “U”, an instrument jointly created with Ana Cortés and Miguel Aparicio, and the “ruido ê” project. Among her recent works are “São Tomé Revisitado” (2012), which is co-authored by her mother, Isabel Serra; “Parallax” (2016); a stage piece for light and sound; the films The Boogie-Woogie Ghost (2018) and Puebla (2021 – with María Jerez), Talking pictures-una película hablada (2018 – with Esperanza Collado); the projects “Brilliant Corners” (2020) and “Brillante” (2020-2022), both within the Orquestina de Pigmeos collective; and the solo exhibition “ê “ in the 0 Space of the Matadero in Madrid. She is currently working on “ruido ê” (Fundación Carasso, 2021-2023) together with Catsharks, and marine biologist Claudio Barría, and others.

Update: 3 October 2023


Has participated in

Meshes, Diagrams, Knots and Staples

Conversation about artistic methodologies in art and science projects, and presentation of the GRAPA notebook