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Pere Ortín Andrés


Pere Ortín has been a reporter and presenter for Televisión Española, a journalist for La Vanguardia and the director of the travel magazine Altaïr Magazine. He has engaged in international reporting in a variety of different formats; he is the founder of the critical journalism movement #PeriodismoDadá and co-editor of the project El Mejor Periodismo Está x Venir, a series of debates that focus on the future of media and journalism. Ortín is interested in postcolonial discourse as applied to conventional Western journalism, and he is a passionate advocate for the critical, alternative, and independent journalistic narratives that are emerging in Latin America and Africa. He is the editor of the collective critical project Élites sin destino [Elites with no destiny] (2022), about the elite in Latin America, and he served as co-editor of Curarnos, the first Spanish-language cultural magazine in WhatsApp format. He is a screenwriter and director of documentaries such as El Gran Pachinko [The Great Pachinko] (1999), Le Mal d’Afrique (2006), Cazadores de imágenes [Image Hunters] (2007) and Africalls? (2008). He has also produced feature films such as La niña blanca [The white child] (2011), interactive web documentaries like Los desiertos de Sonora [The Sonora Deserts] (2018) and works of video art such as My African Mind (2010) and My European Mind (2014), which have been exhibited in New York, Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, Toronto, Dakar, Maputo and Cape Town. A lover of mixed media creative techniques like the essay collage, he recently published his first graphic novel, 10.000 elefantes [10,000 elephants] (Penguin, 2022), on the Spanish colonial past in Equatorial Guinea.

Update: 27 April 2022


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