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Núria Jar

Journalist specialised in science, health, and the environment

As a journalist she collaborates with El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio, the public science news agency SINC, the popular science magazine Muy Interesante and La Vanguardia. She has recently produced the audioseries Las científicas del coronavirus, retratos sonoros sobre una pandemia (The Coronavirus scientists, sonorous portraits of a pandemic in English), thanks to a grant from National Geographic, and Horitzó 2030, an audioseries about the Sustainable Development Goals for the Museu de les Aigües. She also co-directs the podcast on international information for Revista 5W and coordinates the radio workshop for the master's degree in scientific, medical and environmental communication at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Throughout his career she has also collaborated with El País, Scientific American in Spanish, El Cazador de Cerebros of TVE, RAC1 and COMRàdio, among others. Her career has been recognized with awards such as the Concha García Campoy 2017 for Science Journalism, in the category of written press, or the Silver Medal of the international Malofiej awards for the report Los castells, un desafío a las leyes de la física (2016), published in La Vanguardia.

Update: 11 May 2020


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