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Due to external reasons, this talk has been cancelled.

Thinking about Evolution Today

Conversation with Magdalena Skipper and Núria Jar

The Future of Science


In this session, Magdalena Skipper, editor-in-chief of the prestigious journal Nature, will talk to journalist Núria Jar about the future of science in the context of a new paradigm for communication and information.

Science has helped us understand and confront a pandemic that has paralysed entire societies, and it has allowed us to see the effects of the steadily advancing climate crisis. These global challenges, which are on social and political agendas around the world, have put science at the centre of public debate, highlighting the urgency of encouraging a dialogue between different disciplines and sectors. However, in the information age it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish which discourses are supported by science, and the dizzying speed of the internet is a hindrance to in-depth conversation. In this session, Núria Jar and Magdalena Skipper will talk about the role of scientific communication and the opportunities for transformation in this new paradigm.

How can we strengthen the ties between the scientific community, political decision-making processes, and citizenry? Is it possible to shift research practices towards a model of interdisciplinary collaboration? What role should scientific journals play in these transformations?

This activity has been organised in the context of the international meeting EvoKE BCN 21, Evolution everywhere which will take place in Barcelona from 22 to 24 November.

Participants: Núria Jar, Magdalena Skipper

This activity is part of Thinking about Evolution Today

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