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Monika Zgustova


Born in Prague. In the eighties she settled in Barcelona. She is a frequent contributor to El País, La Vanguardia and Avui, and to various Spanish and foreign culture magazines. She has translated forty books from the Czech and the Russian, by authors such as Hrabal, Hasek, Havel, Kundera, Dostoyevsky, Babel, Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva. These translations have made her a key figure in the introduction of Czech literature into Spain. She has been awarded numerous prizes for her translations. She is co-author of the Russian-Catalan dictionary. She has written a biographical novel about Bohumil Hrabal, Els fruits amargs del jardí de les delícies. She has premiered and published a play, a triptych of novels, La dona dels cent somriures, and a novel, Menta fresca amb llimona. Her work has been translated into nine languages.

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Update: 24 November 2015


Kosmopolis 13. Café Europa

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Has participated in

1989. Europe, Twenty Years on from the Fall of the Wall

The Borders of Europe

by Mònica Zgustova