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Mixité. Territori, art, comunitat

Cultural management and critical pedagogy

Mixité is a non-profit association devoted to urban design, participation, architecture and cultural management that seeks common, collective, consensual and participatory solutions for the management and sustainable development of the territory.

At Mixité we promote culture and knowledge through urban pedagogy and training in context in order to offer citizens tools to free themselves. Our actions and processes use artistic practice, among other tools, to encourage the transfer of knowledge about urban and territorial reality. Our goal is to enrich the ground and contribute to the generation of new governance models and promote the full participation of citizens in the sustainable management of the territory, cities and neighbourhoods.

Update: 27 April 2021


Has participated in

ALIA. Cities and Health

Science and creation for secondary schools with ISGlobal

School in residence

Education and culture in the Raval neighbourhood

Culturnautes 2021

The CCCB’s summer day camp

Urban explorations

Lived cities and critical cartographies