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School in residence

Education and culture in the Raval neighbourhood


Community project with secondary school pupils from the Raval neighbourhood that aims to explore new ways of learning and creating. This year the programme is focusing on the internet and on sustainable urban planning and health, and involves the CCCB teams and a network of specialists.

What changes come about if a school moves a part of its activities into a cultural centre? What barriers are broken down and what relationships are created when we shift the foundations of our thinking and learning? How can we build a space that intertwines education and culture on a daily basis?

The "School in Residence" project attempts to answer these questions by creating a permanent relationship between the CCCB and a local secondary school in the Raval neighbourhood. Two mornings a week throughout the academic year, some thirty 16 and 17-year-olds and their teachers from the Miquel Tarradell secondary school move into the CCCB to work alongside its staff and an extensive network of creators, thinkers and activists from the city. Together, they are striving to create a new space for critical thought about the world around them and to change the how and where of leaning.

"School in Residence" is both an opportunity to test out other educational and creative practices, and a community project that opens up the CCCB and brings it into contact with its surroundings. This year, the programme is exploring the internet with a group of experts, hackers and artists coordinated by the researcher and activist Efraín Foglia, as well as looking at sustainable urbanism and health with scientists, architects and visual artists led by the Mixité collective.

The project is part of the "Apadrina el teu equipament" (Sponsor your facilities) programme organised by the Tot Raval Foundation and comes within the Barcelona Neighbourhood Plan and the Carulla Foundation's "Connections" programme.

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