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Miguel Pajares and Rafael Vilasanjuan in conversation

Refugees and Borders in the 21st Century


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Rafael Vilasanjuan, director of Analysis and Development at ISGlobal, and Miguel Pajares, president of the Catalan Commission for Refugee Aid, will speak about the challenges of migrations on the occasion of the publication of their books Las fronteras de Ulises (The Borders of Ulysses, Rafael Vilasanjuan, Debate, 2021) and Refugiats climàtics (Climate Refugees, Miguel Pajares, Raig Verd, 2021).

While it is true that migratory movements are not a phenomenon that is exclusive to our times, it is also true that the present situation has given rise to new problems. In their books, Rafael Vilasanjuan and Miguel Pajares coincide in their analysis of this situation, emphasising that the refugee crisis caused by the war in Syria was not able to change the prevailing dynamics or to put human rights before the rights of states, that COVID-19 has ended up shelving any proposal that might define some way to hope, and that the displacements brought about by climate change are already a reality which, by about 2060, unless adequate measures are adopted, will be global in its scope. Given these facts, both authors ask the necessary questions: are rich countries willing to make the necessary economic contributions to deal with this matter of growing international import? Will we be capable of going beyond the forces working to make us spectators of a situation that should not seem remote from us? Both authors agree that the type of society that will appear in a few decades’ time will depend on the decisions we take now.

This session will be presented and moderated by the journalist Mar Padilla.

Presenters: Mar Padilla

Participants: Rafael Vilasanjuan, Miguel Pajares

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Miguel Pajares and Rafael Vilasanjuan

Refugees and Borders in the 21st Century


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