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Marta Echaves

Researcher and curator

Marta Echaves (Madrid, 1990) studied philosophy and graduated from the MACBA program of independent studies. She researches, writes and coordinates activities for the publisher Caja Negra. Her long-term projects are drawn up in various formats and she is particularly interested in national archives, anecdotes and oral history. She's researching metaphors associated with a particular time, and the way we generate poetic memory devices. Among the themes that fuel her research are state repression and violence, mourning and rituals, body, work and neurochemicals, and now fire. She has coordinated creative residencies, research courses in artistic practice and has taught in a variety of educational settings. She has collaborated with artists through a methodology of shared writing. Using this method, she tries to contaminate the different languages in which she works, experimenting with the generosity and porosity of her practices.

Update: 13 September 2023


Has participated in

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