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Stage laboratory

Las Huecas + Marta Echaves



In this third session of the Stage laboratory cycle, the Las Huecas theatre company and curator and researcher Marta Echaves, present a scenic proposal on the commodification of social ties.

Simone Weil said there is no friendship where need prevails: friendship is a tie that escapes the self-interested logic of giving in order to receive. Las Huecas add that we get nothing from a friend but the beauty of their presence. Las Huecas and curator and researcher Marta Echaves present a stage proposal about the commodification of social ties in the era of emotional capitalism. 

Las Huecas theatre company and curator and researcher Marta Echaves dialogue and reflect on the forms we can give to social ties, in life and on stage. The question driving the latest stage proposal from Las Huecas is the apparent contradiction between friendship and work: can friendship, seen as a way of life in common, resist the constant commercialization of affections? And where do they situate themselves, presenting themselves as a group of five friends who work together? Combining personal experiences and philosophical, sociological and political reflection about the affections, Las Huecas try to offer us an answer. Accompanying them in the process is Marta Echaves, co-editor of Working Dead (2019), which analyses the historical transformations of the concept of “work”. Together, they set out to generate deviations and overflows that expand and corrupt performative practice.

After the performance, there’ll be a talk with the company in the foyer of the Teatre CCCB, while we enjoy a beer.

Curators: Isaac Vila

Participants: Marta Echaves, Las Huecas

This activity is part of Stage laboratory

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