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Mafe Moscoso

Born in a Banana Republic country, she works and researches between/through/for/with/from the crossroads of ethnography, art and literature from a feminist and anti-racist perspective. She holds a PhD in Anthropology from the Freie Universität in Berlin where she was a candidate for the Ernst-Reuter-Prize from the Anthropology Department (2011). The same year she was placed third in the Premio de Investigación Cultural Marqués de Lozoya in Spain. She has been a research student at several universities in Europe and Latin America and is currently an associate professor and researcher at BAU, Design College of Barcelona.

Her primary areas of focus are memories, colonialism and migration, and ethnographic fiction. She is part of the Euraca Seminar. In recent years, she has explored the field of transdisciplinary methodologies and has developed projects, workshops and seminars both on and off the university campus. She writes in various formats and publications. Among other works, she is author of Biografía para uso de los pájaros: infancia, memoria y migración (2013) and the book of poetry Desintegrar el hechizo. Versitos anticoloniales (2021). She has been published in academic journals, books, fanzines and on electronic media. She also collaborates with El Estado Mental, Plan V, El Salto and el

Update: 3 June 2021


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