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112. La porta de la terminal / O portão do terminal

José Luís Peixoto

Breus — n. 112

Catalan , Portuguese 8€ Buy

Through an immersive narration, José Luis Peixoto transports us to the experience of undertaking a trip. From the moment we organize it, through the plane ride, the fascinating days when everything is new to us, the melancholic departure from the hotel, to the arrival back home as a space of our restored comfort. The Portuguese author affirms that, although it is inevitable to want to plan and prepare beforehand, what we are not able to foresee in a trip is enormous and in that uncertainty there is an immense amount of positive surprises waiting for us. For Peixoto, the anxiety behind following"to do" lists is meaningless. The novelist argues that, at its purest expression, traveling is to move unarmed into life, it is an invitation to embrace the unexpected, to accept the here and now with active awareness.  When we get home and feel we are not the same we discover that it has been worth it all. 

«Traveling is a decision that affects everything that constitutes life. Traveling is a direct synonym for living.»

Authors: José Luís Peixoto

Publication year: 2023

Pages: 72

Dimensions: 12,5 × 17 cm.

978-84-09-49628-0 (català / portuguès)


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