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I+C+i // Pasolini at the Lab



To coincide with the exhibition Pasolini Roma, we present a special  I+C+i session that explores how this Italian artist incorporated the concept of experimentation in his work. A lover of heterodoxy and of mixed genres, capable of reconciling high and low culture and interested in the marginal, in minority languages and in minor genres, Pasolini approached culture as a kind of laboratory. The session will include a workshop and a discusión around the artist and his work.

10 a.m. – 2 p.m. // Comic Workshop with Davide Toffolo, author of the graphic novel Pasolini. A creation somewhere between a diary and a report in which Toffolo imagines an encounter with a man who claims he is Pasolini, with whom he strikes up a long conversation in which the man expresses himself with the words of the real Pier Paolo Pasolini taken from books, interviews and articles by the artist in a painstakingly detailed work of documentation. Toffolo will run this workshop in which he will explain the development of the creative process, his selection of works, the techniques he used and he will analyse different scenes from his book. In the second part, the Italian author will propose a practical exercise so that participants can create their own mini-comic about Pasolini.

(!) Free-of-charge workshop, it is necessary to register in advance by writing to

7 p.m. – 9 p.m. // Debate: Pasolini in the Laboratory with Davide Toffolo, Gonzalo de Lucas, Breixo Harguindey and Javier Rebollo. 

We usually remember Pier Paolo Pasolini for his filmography, but when his first film, Accattone, became known in 1961, he had already published numerous poems, two highly acclaimed novels, had collaborated extensively with various cultural and literary publications and had become consolidated as one of the most important writers in Italy. In the 1960s, this artist and visionary already talked about his work space by repeatedly using, with clearly significant intent, the word “laboratory”. These days, this word is often used to designate spaces and proposals focusing on research, experimentation and innovation. 

From Pasolini to modern laboratories, which innovations remain valid in contemporary times? What is their influence on the films of today? What is that great potential for change? The discussion “Pasolini in the Laboratory” will explore the artist-in-the-laboratory idea that Pasolini raised and will bring to the table the debate that this concept incites today.

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I+C+i. Pasolini at the Lab

Debate with Davide Toffolo, Gonzalo de Lucas, Breixo Harguindey i Javier Rebollo

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Interview with Davide Toffolo

Davide Toffolo talks about him as an author of graphic novels and thinks about the future of culture and his ideal cultural lab. To coincide with the exhibition Pasolini Roma, on 2 july, the CCCB presented a special I+C+i session, Pasolini at the Lab, to explore how ...

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